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Ancient Plovdiv

The Ancient Plovdiv is the oldest core of present Plovdiv. It is situated on the three “tepes” (hills) - Nebet Tepe, Dzhambaz Tepe and Taxim Tepe that appeared to be a natural shelter in numerous threats throughout the centuries. Аренда авто в Бургасе. In 1956 the old town region on the Three Hills was declared an architectural and historical preserve area, called The Ancient Plovdiv (more popularly known as The Old Town).

The Ancient Theatre

The Old Town
The Old Plovdiv area was randomly built, having no initial municipal planning. The houses, touching eaves and bay windows on the opposite sides looking almost into each other, were built right on the sidewalk. The single amalgamating requirement when building a house here was - style!

City Views

Whether you`re a photographer, a landscape artist, or just a romantic person, Plovdiv`s famous seven hills are great spots of inspiration.

Archeological Museum

The Dzehdem Tepe
Many of our favourite photos are views taken from the heights of the Plovdiv Hills  - and we`re sharing the best of them with you in this gallery.

Apart from the beauty of the winding, climbing cobblestone streets of the Old Town, there is still much more to be seen around this modern and ancient city. Аренда авто в Софии. Enjoy and admire it! All our friends and we always do!

The Roman Forum
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